Oni One Sourcing + Purchasing - dedicated to curating memorable spaces



Curating your space

Distinct details make for standout design, and Oni One Sourcing & Purchasing ensures every detail shines.

Dedicated to curating memorable spaces that span across design aesthetics and target demographics, Oni One procures every aspect of a unique and cohesive visual experience. We work with interior designers, architects, developers and home or business owners to fully realize each project’s potential, respecting every client’s specific vision while constantly asking questions to get to the root of their design objectives.

Through our proprietary procurement process – developed over years of experience with a diverse client list worldwide – we select furniture and accessories, commission craftspeople for custom work, and carefully choose the right art. Ensuring nothing gets lost in the execution, we also oversee logistics, shipping and installation so that each detail combines to bring concept to reality and create spaces elevated above their individual parts.