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Combining creative insight with practical logistics experience since 2002, Oni One Sourcing & Purchasing has brought interior design projects to life for over 15 years with our award-winning sourcing and procurement process.




Combining creative insight with practical logistics experience, Oni One Sourcing & Purchasing has brought interior design projects to life for over 15 years with our award-winning sourcing and procurement process.

Founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada, the company began life as a manufacturing and retail venture specializing in high-end furniture and accessories for the growing Toronto condominium market. But Oni One quickly became a destination for homeowners, designers and developers looking to curate unique living spaces, sales centres and model suites – or to fill a hole in an existing endeavor with the perfect art, accessory or furniture piece. Adding to our retail venture, we began working with these clients one-on-one to make their visions a reality.


By 2007, the team made the decision to focus exclusively on this exciting new venture, merging design knowledge and logistical expertise to build a growing client list worldwide. We’ve since brought our experience in sourcing, procurement, art consulting and styling to projects in the residential, hospitality and development industries across North America, the Middle East, India, Europe and the West Indies.

Oni One’s mission is to transform each space into a memorable, finely tuned experience, in keeping with the unique demographic, expectations and goals of our clients. We are dedicated to creating spaces that stand out, where the total experience is greater than the sum of its parts.





Oni One appreciates the careful layering process and attention to detail required to turn an empty space into a warm and welcoming environment. What starts with the vision of a developer, homeowner or interior design team ends with an original experience that’s timeless but innovative, targeted to a specific demographic. Working across aesthetics, influences and cultures, Oni One and our team of skilled global collaborators create memorable spaces, sourcing the exact furniture, art and accessories needed to create the right atmosphere – then delivering them on time and on budget.




From collaborating on the design vision, to ensuring everything is on site, on time and on budget, the Oni One team is dedicated to perfecting each and every project detail. That takes a diverse set of skillsets and a committed collaboration of creative and business professionals. Emerging from design, sourcing, logistics and accounting backgrounds, our team works fluidly towards client goals, always flexible to project expectations and intent on developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and craftspeople along the way. Skilled negotiators and detailed planners, our team members coordinate every element of the furniture, art and accessories; oversee purchase orders and logistics; and personally supervise the onsite installation – ensuring everything comes together seamlessly.



Through more than 30 years of experience, Paula Fleck has honed an eye for visual detail that has been the foundation of Oni One Sourcing & Purchasing. Global positions in the fashion, retail and film industries, combined with a degree in art history, helped her develop both the creativity and practical experience she brings to each new project.

Fleck has held global positions with Holt Renfrew, The Conran Shop and Du Verre, and has won awards for film and television production. As the founding principal of Oni One, she now applies that experience to her work with clients worldwide. Today, she makes it her mission to seek out the most unique furniture, art and accessories she can find, and discover and develop promising young artists and craftspeople worldwide.